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BYOD Powered by Ruckus Wireless
University of Pennsylvania uses Cloudpath by Ruckus Wireless to automatically onboard BYOD devices for WPA2-Enterprise secure WiFi.   Background curve top
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Welcome to the
University of Pennsylvania Network

Android Devices

You need to install the Cloudpath app to connect to AirPennNet. Select a choice below:
  • Recommended method: Click here to install the Cloudpath app from the Android Market.

  • Alternate method: Click here to install the Cloudpath app from Penn's servers.

    Note: This method may be blocked by application installation settings or wireless carriers.
  • After installing the Cloudpath app, click on this link to be walked through the configuration of your Android device.

    Note to Android 7+ Phone users: If the above link only downloads the configuration file and does not open it, please manually open the Cloudpath app. In the upper-right hand corner, touch the arrow and select "Manual Configuration URL..." In the box that opens, type "android.netconfig" and the app will open the file stored on your device.

    Please note that on most Android versions, you will need an encrypted certificate store, which requires a pin or password on the device to enable.

If this is not an Android device, click here to view other supported devices.
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